What is a good media server for Ubuntu and how do I set it up?
Question by tony kennedy /
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I need a media server for Ubuntu. I have seen the ones you posted in the article 5 Great Linux Media Center Distributions To Transform Your TV. I was wondering if any of them will work for my PS3? I tried TVersity on Ubuntu. Too much work, I need some help with this.

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Answers (2)
  • Anonymous

    1) install ubuntu on the PS3 into a 10 GB Partition
    2)In Ubuntu, instal the codecs and the vlc Player
    3)Now ican stream directly from the DVBViewer on the PC to the PS3 Ubuntu "Media Center

    PS3 Media Server

    PS3 Media Center X

  • Tim Brookes

    Hi Tony,

    I'd personally recommend XBMC, as it has a great interface and supports UPnP streams. Your PS3 also supports UPnP, and there's information about setting up XBMC for UPnP sharing here, on the wiki.

    From the Wiki:
    "XBMC also have a built-in UPnP-server (since the 24th of January 2007) which enables you to share your video/picture/audio files to all XBMC Xboxes on your local-network. XBMC's built-in UPnP-server can also stream those same video/picture/audio files to other UPnP-clients ("UPnP AV MediaServer ControlPoint" devices)"

    In terms of quickly installing XBMC on Ubuntu, open a new terminal and type/paste

    sudo add-apt repository ppa:team-xbmc
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xbmc

    Once you've set everything up, you should have a functioning PS3 media solution and a very pretty media centre frontend for your PC/server/HTPC!

    Good luck, if this isn't quite what you're after then let us know :)

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