What’s a good easy-to-use video editing program?
Question by Jack Rigby /
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I’ve made a video with Fiverr. I want to add / remove bits from it. I am just beginning to look at and use video editing software so I want something easy to use. What is the best?

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Answers (24)
  • Dave

    Windows Movie Maker v6.0 has allowed my 12 year old to be very creative. The drag & drop time line story board is great allowing the music waveform on each video frame to be editied. It seems Microsoft got it right with version 6 & then buggered it up with Windows Live Movie Maker & Windows Movie Maker 2012. On Windows 7 it maybe possible for the old & new version to coexist. Which means one could be creative using WMM6 & then publish to the web using WMM2012

  • Nikhil Chandak

    Adobe Flash or Windows Live Movie maker

  • kumar raja

    In Serif.com there is a software call Movie plus it is very nice it free but while editing it show it logo on middle of the videos

  • fatihamzah

    Windows Live Movie Maker, very easy to use and good visual effect too

  • Jack Rigby

    Especially for the informative comments on usability! :-)
    Looks like Windows Movie Maker FIRST (easiest) and the LIVE version later!

    I’ll be baaaack! :-)

  • Wouter Ruelens

    For Linux I would recommend KDENlive, it is the best freeware video-editor out there I have used.
    just take a look at kdenlive.org
    It can be difficult to get it installed properly as the Ubuntu repositories contain a bad version of the program.

  • Reý Aetar

    windows movie maker

  • Rik

    maybe you’d like the open source program Jahshaka : http://www.jahshaka.com/

  • Usman Mubashir

    If you use windows check out the windows live movie maker

  • Ravi Lamontagne

    Definitely Windows Movie maker, its the easiest that i have used

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