What is a good backup program for novices which work like Dropbox?

Osama Javaid September 14, 2011
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I am currently using Easeus ToDo Backup to back up D and E partitions in my PC to my external hard drive.

It was good because of its easy interface, but today when I opened the backup file (.PBD), I found that some folders were missing, which means those weren’t backed up. Also Easeus ToDo Backup takes 291 MB space after installation and it is very heavy on system resources while backing up.

I want a small, lightweight and most of all EASY software to back up my selected PC partitions to my external drive. I want a software which function just like Dropbox, that whatever changes I make in my selected partitions, these should be exactly copied in the external drive when I run the software.

Recently, I tried SyncBack, but the only problem with it was that it can back up one partition at a time.

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