What is a good alternative to DeepFreeze or Windows SteadyState for Windows 7?
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My cousin runs an internet cafe with machines running Windows 7 Professional. We’re looking for free (possibly open source) alternatives to SteadyState for the machines in the cafe. Thanks.

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Answers (5)
  • Fredoon Dadachanji

    Returnil is a good alternative to Deep Freeze. Also a free version is available. http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/products

  • Anonymous

    Drive Vaccine is probably the better alternative to Windows Steady State. You can check it out at http://www.drivevaccine.com

  • Orson

    I believe PC Safeguard / Guest Mode was not released in the final version of Windows 7. Shame really.

  • Aibek

    I would like to point that Comodo Time Backup is NOT an alternative to DeepFreeze or Windows SteadyState. It's system state backup tool.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft has decided that Guest Mode will replace Steady State. Unfortunately, Guest Mode doesn't have quite the same feature list, nor is it usable in an Active Directory environment.

    Guest Mode was originally called PC Safeguard. Its features:

    -Prevents system setting changes. Any attempts to change the system while running under a safeguarded account are prevented.
    -Prevents the installation of applications and other software. Once you've enabled Guest Mode, it is impossible to install or permanently configure already installed software applications.
    -Prevents the user from writing to the disk outside of their user profile.
    -Data saved inside of the user profile is deleted when the user logs off.

    Comodo Time Machine

    There are some sharewares
    Fortres Grand Clean Slate
    Centurion Technologies Smart Shield

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