Why is GMail on my Android phone not working?
Question by Mark /

I have an Android 2.1 Motorola Defy. Recently, after doing a “restore to factory settings”, the default Gmail app suddenly won’t update unless I force refresh it (before it would automatically update without me having to do anything).

Also, any emails sent from the Gmail app are not sent and do not appear in my Gmail sent folder when I access Gmail on the PC.

Last of all, if I access emails on my Android and I delete or archive them, the changes are not reflected when I log back in on a PC. The emails I deleted / archived on my phone are sitting in the inbox unread.

IMAP and POP are both enabled so it’s not that.

Any ideas?

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Answers (18)
  • tasha

    to many password attemps

  • tasha

    my phone has been lock due to mant password attemps

  • suezi

    I had the same problem with my droid razr but searched the web till i found this solution.

    you need to add the POWER WIDGET to your screen (just press and hold down on any blank area of your home screen until you get a pop up screen that shows “Add to Home” and underneath that it shows WIDGETS. press WIDGETS and scroll down until you see “TOGGLE:POWER CONTROL”. Press that to load the widget to your home screen. from this widget you can toggle your WIFI/Airplane Mode/Blue tooth and AUTO SYNC! make sure auto sync is green and you should now get your mail.
    (you can also check to make sure that BACKGROUND DATA is checked under the settings function)/
    hope this helps alleviate any frustrations….

  • reza

    how to unlock my phone if my phone locked because im forget to unlock my key phone??in there notification i must open google account.but im gorget my Gmail password,and i cahnge my password in the CPu but this password not work in my phone.please help me brother and sister

  • Evrimjuliehales

    i cant set up gmail it keeps sayin ther isnt any data service 

  • Aislin

    Try going to settings > applications > manage applications, set filter to running or all, find the gmail apps and clear their data. This worked when my calendar and gmail wouldn’t auto sync, also 2.1

  • Anonymous

    get to your gmail acct via pc, go to the acct settings, then go to the using 2-step verification. follow the directions and it will give you a very unique password, enter as it tells you including the spaces.

    possible law space on your phone, try to remove some

    roll back your gmail update?

  • Anonymous

    I would like to suggest you K9 MAIL its a free mail client and its simply the best out there. lots of customization and stuff. I’ve been using it since months now and I havent had any bugs. Even after formatting, installing roms and lots of experimenting it stood TALL (against all the evils) ;)

    • Muah

      you need gmail to use most phones, it makes more sense to justr stick with gmail

    • Suhel

      K9 mail is a mail application (like outlook on windows) not mail service, search on android market for it

  • Angela Alcorn

    My Gmail requires a manual refresh, too. Maybe it’s to do with Android 2.1 or the particular version of Gmail.

    As for seeing sent messages back in Gmail proper, usually that’s possible after the phone has synced again. Try refreshing the Gmail app on your phone and see if they show up in Gmail.

  • Airhead5444

    just buy iphone…

    • Really

      Really, this person requires help and the best thing you can do it to tell him to buy and overpriced phone, that is totally closed and made my Chinese slaves while underpaying their U.S. Sales Associates and overpay their CEO with the money you overpaid them in the first place.

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