Why does my Galaxy tab not turn on?
Question by DerpDerphina Min /

I can’t turn on my Galaxy tab. Why? I was charging and playing at the same time and it suddenly just turned off and I can’t turn it on again. Even I was pressing the ON/OFF button for 20 seconds. It is still not on.

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Answers (38)
  • t man

    It worked thanks a lot!

  • Kristen

    I have the same problem: my galaxy shut off during game play. I had it plugged into my pc (for the first time) to charge (usually use the wall charger).

    I have tried all configurations I can find on a few threads –
    hold power and plug into pc
    hold power, touch screen plug into pc
    hold power & vol down release vol down then power

    My results:
    Every 6 seconds the charging symbol appears for a few seconds and disappears again. Nothing else happens.


    • annon

      I have same problem

    • Maureen Corbin

      I have the same problem, Kristen. All I get is the stupid battery symbol that flashes on once every few seconds. Did you get an answer. Maybe it’s the power cord?

  • Mujer

    I having the same problem the tablet doesn’t turn on and it not charging, I try the power and volume and doesn’t work, when i plug to the pc it makes a charging sound on and off but it would not turn on. help please

  • Deasy

    Thank you very much, that ‘press the power button together with touching the screen’ is really working for me. Freaks me out a while when it was kept off

  • rizzal

    Yess..it works..u save my day..TQVM

  • Olie Preen

    omg!! i love you it worked…

  • Mohd Khalid Mohd Noh

    I tried press and hold the power button for 20 second and it works on my P6800. I got this tip from xda developer. Others have called this method ‘crazy’. Wait till they see your method (ha14). :)

    For me it doesn’t matter as long as any method works, it’s fine by me :). Most important thing is we share it with other. Cheers!

  • brandy

    it worked for me too thank you soo much i thought it was really broke.

  • EatMyDirt

    Works :D. The key is while your holding the power button, pretend the unlock circle is there, and unlock it. Worked 4 me :D

  • RendyLim

    i love you!
    it work :DDD

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