Could a friend hide their Facebook comments from me?
Question by Nina Kabaš /
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For some time now, I no longer see one of my friend’s activity in my news feed, and I know I didn’t hide him or something like that. Is it possible that he somehow hid his activity from me? Maybe he’s not been visiting FB lately, but his friends had been posting and sharing links on his wall, which I can see because the audience for them is set to ‘friends of friends’. I can still see posts on his wall from his other friends, but he isn’t commenting them for a while now. Is it possible that I can’t see his comments only? Please help :)

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Answers (21)
  • sathyamurthy

    Yes. It is possible. While commenting they can specify to whom the comment or post is to be visible for

  • Cyra Calkhoven

    Yes its possible to block content for friends.

  • Totoy Badiola

    Status update, yes.
    Comments, no unless you have been blocked.

  • Jeremiah Iliffe

    It may be that he has blocked you

  • Brian Mok

    Yes, it is possible. Maybe put you on a Restricted list or something.

  • Matty G Arroyo

    yes they can .they do it by going to thier comment and clicking edit and it says who do you want to show it to .So they put Only me , OR makes a specific person see thier comment.

  • kumar raja

    Yes it will be possible by changing setting Public to any other option in facebook

  • Marnie McCown

    It is possible to hide content from selected viewers (FB friends. This is done by creating specific 'post privacy' settings. Try it for yourself to see how it works. Type in a status update, then place your cursor over the globe on the lower right of the Update Status window. When you hover your cursor over the globe it will read 'Post Privacy Setting: XXXXX' Mine is set to Public, but the options include Friends, Only Me or Custom. If you select Custom, you can choose to select certain people through Make Visible or avoid certain people through Hide From. I hope this helps!

    • Rebel

      Yeah but those choices are not available for COMMENTS - which is the issue here - only for your posts on your timeline...

      It looks like if you want to stop a person from seeing your comments you add he/she to the "Restricted" list

      Now, I don't know if he/she will be aware of that. If yes, it could be a little embarassing...

  • Justin Pot

    It's possible, and we could talk about technical ways for you to find out. You might want to just ask him what's up, though. Just a thought.

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    it's possible that he can add you to a list of his friends. .

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