Is there any free website or tool that increases the resolution of images?
Question by Tony /

I find a lot good quality images online. But most of them turn out to have a lower resolution than my monitor. It would be great if there was a website or tool that deals with the resolution.

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  • Dragec

    Tony, picture and your monitor must not have identical or similar resolution… how
    clear or “sharp” you will see the picture (on monitor) mainly depends on size
    (dimensions) of the pic. If you view small pictures on large screen, then of course the quality will be low. There is a nice freeware program where you can change resolution of any picture, so download Irfan View at When you open a
    picture in IrfanView, under “Image” menu you should click “Resize/Resample” and
    new window gives you possibility for change of several parameters – and one of them
    is resolution or DPI. If you increase DPI, actual dimensions of picture will change
    and it will become smaller and v.v.

  • Sedonaequine

    It’s not free, but Adobe Flash CS4 will enlarge and interpolate an image to increase resolution, using the transform tool.

  • pceasies

    There is no way to create information. You can use a service like: to search for similar looking images of higher resolutions.

  • Guest

    You could use and see if you could find a higher resolution image elsewhere.

  • techandlife

    Have a look at SmillaEnlarger

    But as Oron says you wont get back missing detail

  • Oron Joffe

    Tony, it’s not entirely clear what you are asking for. You can set the picture to ‘stretch’ to the entire screen (it’s one of the options in the desktop settings window), but scaling an image up will reduce its quality. There ARE programs that do a really good job at enlarging images (see for some suggestions), but even they won’t add the missing details to the pictures.

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