What is the best free website design tool for a beginner?
Question by Phantom /

I’m am about to design my first website. What’s the best free website design tool to create a professional site for a complete beginner?

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Answers (18)
  • Rebrad9

    Weebly is great. Only problem is, after you’ve got your site up and running they take half of all the money you might make on adsense ads. Or did I misunderstand this?

  • Phantom

    I ended up using iWeb in the end! Very easy to use and i even added some basic HTML code. Only issue I have with it is the ability to update the site as you have to publish to a folder before uploading it via FTP. I haven’t yet worked out how to update a single page but other than that it made a pretty website ( which is all I wanted!). Thanks for all your posts

  • Davdun75

    Weebly is easy to navigate with plenty of options and, provided you purchase your own domain name (ie. “so-and-so.com”), you avoid using the domain name of the free website builder (ie. “so-and-so.weebly.com”)

  • Nnjathlete

    Webs.com is one if the best. Plus, they recently overhauled their sitebuilder and their website has been redesigned. Worth checking out.

  • G4321m

    Weebly worked great for me.

  • Scott

    Be great if there was one of those famous MakeUseOf tutorials on this topic — or rather, on the two topics that have emerged here as a consensus favourites: WordPress and Kompozer. I’m not a tehcnophobe, but I know my limitations, and the thought of embarking on a website project and then hitting problems midway through has so far put me off any attempt!

    • Aibek

      We might run a poll about this in coming weeks. We’ll provide readers
      with available options and let them choose what they feel is the best
      option for beginner. this should be helpful.


  • wicked owl

    I have used WordPress, and I like Weebly better. The sites are cleaner and more beautiful. I teach technology at an Elementary school and with a minimum of instruction my 4th grade students chose design themes, created pages and subpages, added text, and uploaded pictures – all in less than an hour.

  • BradPitt_LookieLikie

    Avoid RapidWeaver, it isn’t a proper editor!

  • Phantom

    Thanks for all your replies, lots of stuff to check out. I’m going to have a play about this weekend, hopefully won’t get too confused!!

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