What is the best free tool for making surveys?

Gustavo Ibarguengoytia October 21, 2010
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Hi MUO.com readers and staff:

At work we need to come up with a survey for people that are leaving the company. While we have the survey ready in text, it is very tedious to input and update the data manually to get monthly, quarterly, semester and annual reports.

We would also like to determine the departments that have the most people leaving and well to keep it short, we need to be able to cross reference the data we gather as freely and openly as possible.

We do have the MS Office 2003 Suite including InfoPath and Access, but our employee database is on a different program that can’t export to those two. I was thinking of an online solution and found zoomerang, but their free tool is very restrictive. I also tried Google Survey but found myself thinking it was InfoPath online.

So I ask you to please share your survey-building knowledge.

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