What is the best free online calendar?
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What is the best free online calendar?

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Answers (23)
  • Randman

    Google calendar suks. Used it for a week when suddenly - all my entries disappeared.
    Unable to get anywhere thru Google Help. Checked Google forum. Many with similar disasters! All unable to resolve.

  • Tgannon

    If you have not already looked at PlumLife- I would highly recommend it! PlumLife is different from the other online calendars in many ways. It has more features and options to help you keep on schedule. It will manage schedules for many people all from one calendar, contact baby-sitters and drivers, notify others of appointments they need to be aware of, etc. 

    It is a great new tool that is catching on very quickly!

    Hope this helps,
    Tia Gannon

  • Yosri

    I've been using Google Calendar since around 2006 or 2007, and I love it. I depend on it a lot and I find it very reliable. I don't know how many times I would've missed appointments if it wasn't for getting a reminder from Google Calendar or being able to easily check for upcoming events from any browser or my mobile phone.

  • Targoo

    http://www.mctimetracker.com seems to be promising !

  • Aibek


  • MJ

    Google Calendar has at least one major defect; ironically it's Search function does not give reliable results!  This bug has been known for several years (there are several long thread from users in Google Caledar Help).  The conclusion reached by those thread posters is that Google has no intention to fix this.

    If you try to keep track of vacation days you have taken, etc. this is a fatal flaw in Google Calendar that Google has failed to fix for over two years.

  • Thisisheddy

    I'm really looking for a calendar that I can add appointments to by email (similar to outlook).  Any ideas?

  • Jenny

    I had been using google calendar for my individual calendar.  I started a family calendar on http://www.convenientcalendar.com and it is great.  It is like a family calendar and facebook in one.  The great thing is that it is private and secured and no one can look you up.  Plus you can post pictures on the site.  I do still use my google calendar sometimes, but I am using Convenient Calendar like I would use facebook with my family.

    • Brenda

      Thanks for the info, Jenny.  I'm going to try it -- don't care for Google. 

  • chriscross17

    Check out Sploodle, its a new one which looks promising: http://www.sploodle.com. You can have your own calendar but also share it with friends and find calendars for other things in your life.

  • Christina

    Check out keepandshare.com

    easy-to-use yet has some powerful online calendar features like repeating events, overlays, mobile phone support, colorful calendar icons and more.

    Can also be shared with others. Manage your schedule online and coordinate with co-workers, friends & family.


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