What is the best free download accelerator?
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People say IDM is the best, but it’s 30 day trial. I want free and it’s fine with me if it has ads.

I am ONLY looking for these 3 features, in order:

1. Download Acceleration – I tested my net speed on speedtest.net and the average download speed was 80Mb/s.

2. Light Weight – I want to run it on my netbook.

3. Download Acceleration Even For Files From Sites Like Megaupload.com Etc. – But I want this feature only if it’s legal.

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Answers (16)
  • Adjei Kofi

    I'd recommend IDM (internet download manger). You could also try free download manager.

  • chris boozer

    is there an accelerator/manager that works with google chrome?

    • Jay

      I am sure about IDM.
      and DAP supports partially.

      And perhaps free download manager and orbit also supports it, but not sure about last two.

  • Lindynanny13

    I have used DAP for about five years on my desktop, laptop & netbook. It works for me.

  • Mjevolve

    no need for a sorry , jay .
    we are here to put forth our opinions !

    well , i used to use DAP quite some time back at the time when i was not aware of IDM or other better alternatives . 
    and i never liked it .
    it was ad supported .
    changed up home pages and search engines options .
    installed useless toolbars .
    and once on its un installation it affected the installation files of some programs downloaded via it . it was weird , but i din try to figure out what was wrong .
    so , dumped it .....

    it might have improved, for you find it useful , but its one of those softwares , i wouldnt recommend ...

    IDM works really good .
    and for rest i already mentioned ..
    each to all . !

    • Jay

      You are right, yes it is ad supported, and installs toolbars,
      I also use IDM on my main pc.
      and I use DAP on laptop.

      Their Ads do not disturb your browsing, as it on the dap's window and dap's download window.
      extra toolbars can be disabled/hidden.
      and if you be careful, it will not hange home page and search engines, however you can change them again :)

    • Mjevolve

      why bother to go through to undo any changes , which 'you' yourself dint do !
      in other words i would go for a medicine with minimal side and unwanted effects !

      when there are better , free , open source options available that do 'just' the job they are meant to do and not tinker with any thing else , i would happily opt them over their counter parts ....

      but well , thats my opinion .

      each to his own .. ;)

  • K

    Please also tell "how?"
    Have you yourself compared many accelerators or are you referring to some other statistics?

    • Mjevolve

      "how" as in what respect ?

      one cannot try every and many softwares, that exist for one particular job . but yes an informed user keeps himself updated by using whatever he can and finds best, and then going through various tech articles and reviews to see what is the trend or what others also find useful or what is a unanimously major choice of alternatives ! 

      that is how i know and gave you my answer .

      >as of now , i use IDM . its the best that works for me .
      >Free Download Manager - used it personally before IDM and it works quite well .
      >Orbit - used it . its ok . not bad . breaks downloads some times . irritating software updater is in built . although i think you can turn it off .
      >DAP - piece of crap .
      >J Downloader - read good reviews for it .
      >Flash Got - used it . good one .
      >Down Them All - Firefox extension . quite powerful .

      these should help you get an idea . try and see what suits your taste . and tell if you need more help deciding ! .

    • Jay

      Sorry to interrupt, but DAP is not a piece of crap, I have used it for a long time !
      Yes, there are few limitations in certain situations, but you will not have any problem while downloading from a server that provides resume support.

      Of course IDM is better.

      flashfot is important, because it will let you download with your third party download manager instead of inbuilt donwload manager. This function is required because some download managers can't take over downloads like IDM does.

    • K

      Thanks for your time in putting an elaborate answer. I'll try some of these. Many other answers on other sites are also recommending "Flash Get". Flash Got ? Flash Get (but both are being recommended).

  • Mjevolve

    two free downloader's i highly recommend are .

    Free Download Manager - http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/
    J Downloader - http://jdownloader.org/

    commercially free , ad free , and work great . !

  • Jay

    I hope you know that you have to divide the speed by 8. and expect a speed around 10 mbps.
    Because it is 80 megabits = 10 megabytes per second.
    Accelerators are for giving you the maximum speed that your net connection provides. you cant get more than that.

  • Anonymous

    Download Accelerator Manager 

  • Jay

    Orbit :http://www.orbitdownloader.com

    DAP : http://www.speedbit.com/dap

    In my case, accelerators do not increase the speed provided by the default downloader of a browser not even IDM.So they are download mangers for me, not accelerators.Which can be replaced by firefox addons.

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