How can I get free BitLocker on Windows 7 Home Premium?
Question by James /

In Windows 7 Home Premium I stumbled upon a service called BitLocker. The service was stopped. I know this is a feature of higher versions of Windows and that Home Premium doesn’t have it.

My question: Is there a way to enable BitLocker on Windows 7 Home Premium for free?

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Answers (10)
  • Scott Miller

    It’s not quite the same, as BitLocker uses either a chip in most computers or a certificate placed on a thumb drive for encryption and decryption, rather than a password.

    • Lordie

      You can get free True Crypt on all OS’s..

    • James

      At the time I did not know that. Also, I found it very interesting that there was a bitlocker service.

      On a side note… Almost all my old questions here have been having responses months after the last post was posted.

  • onderwijs

    Just get Windows 7 Ultimate, that’s the only possible way I think ..

  • Anonymous

    BitLocker is only available in the Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions

    • James

      Yes I know that Bit locker is not in Windows 7. I found the bit locker service so I thought it might be just a not turned on service.

    • Stephen Hill

      No, it is not included. Think of Windows 7 as a salad, they didn’t add all the toppings and there is no way to get the missing toppings without getting a better salad.

    • Infernap

       Yes but like James i also found this service running on my computer (I have home premium) only it was stopped if this “topping” is not on here then how come its in the list of services?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I didn’t want to just start the service either. I was hoping makeuseof would provide a good answer but i did not reveive one

    • Guest

      The service is there to allow you to unlock and use previously encrypted drives, but you will not be able to encrypt new ones.

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