What is the best free anti-virus and anti-spyware software?
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What is the best free anti-spyware and anti-virus software?

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Answers (49)
  • Aibek

    Good recomendations but instead of AVG i would list Avira.

    Also make sure to check out recommended security software on our Best
    Windows Software page, http://www.makeuseof.com/pages/best-windows-software

  • Anmeldung


    for me (privat user) Avira AntiVir Personal, Ad- Aware and Anti Spyware is OK. It is free and is fit for purpose.
    Kaspersky detects virus itself also usually too late.


  • Charles

    I used AVG for several years and it is a fine anti-virus. Now I am using Avira and like it much more than AVG. For finding things that other malware, spyware, and even anti-virus programs can't seem to locate, I am 110% a believer in Malwarebytes. Having had a 14 yr old boy in the house downloading who-knows-what for four years, Malwarebites saved my computer more than once. Only thing is, if you can find a way to install and run an anti-virus or malware program to a flash drive, you stand a better chance of fixing a really bad infection.

  • Bobaloub

    I used to work in a repair shop in los angeles...and the best spyware remover we found was Malwarebytes. For antivirus we used several different ones including the online scanners to clean the pc's that came in for repair. If we needed to update a customer's antivirus we would install AVG.

  • Marcelo

    norton 360 v4!!!

  • Shebin

    "prevention is better than cure" so i would recommend COMODO Internet Security Premium(it's free jst the name has 'premium'). 3yrs back i got the comodo firewall since then i'm a fan of comodo. I'm using the comodo internet security for 2yr still no virus, malware,spywares etc...even the unknown malware will b detected and notified to the user ....my system is still performing @ its top speed..

    if u prefer jst an antivirus go for AVG or avast 5.0.

    just give it a try guys......

  • Dabuse

    Free antivirus I recommend AVG. For anti spyware, I use this SpyNoMore. Works great.

    Read info: http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/free-antivirus-antispyware-software/

  • Anonymous

    MSSE paired with ZoneAlarm free firewall and Threatfire is pretty good.
    malwarebytes and secuniaPSI
    very important not to have 2 active scanning anti-virus apps, I found this out by accident.

  • Prateek Kumar Singh

    @Bhavik,anurag and all msse users: Are u out of your minds???
    Microsoft Security Essentials is the worst antivirus....
    Well...if all antivirus programs take 20-40MiB of space, how can u expect one to take up only 7Mib of space???
    When it is the most essential part of a computer system.....
    Think about it guys....

    I recommend AVIRA...
    I am a student and have recently passed my 10+2.......
    My system was considered the best performer in the whole class and at lab too because I had, with permission, installed Avira Free Antivirus on my lab system and i was above all problems, for students from all classes stuck their pen drives on my system... Other people came to me to "clean" their USBs at lab..Plus, I got a handful of USBs from colleagues and friends every weekend to "clean"......

    And all this is at no cost, just AVIRA ANTIVIR PERSONAL - FREE ANTIVIRUS......and regular updates....

    Soon, the trend changed, the servers@school also deployed AVIRA and are happy till date and all systems deployed with AVIRA and regularly updated.......

    Hmmm....so the happiest guy out of it is ME......


    -Prateek Kumar Singh, INDIA

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