How could FindMyIPhone track my phone even though the SIM card was exchanged?
Question by Lisa Fitzgerald /
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We got our stolen iPhone 4 back, even though they had a new SIM card and different carrier. I got an email yesterday telling me that the phone had been located. I tracked it down using the FindMyIPhone App and we recovered the phone.

I’m thrilled we got it back, but confused as to how the app tracked it, since the phone had a new SIM card and carrier.

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Answers (19)
  • Praveen Ben

    If you loss your phone, and If your phone was stolen, it can be traced through IMEI number, Even if the handset was Sim changed.

    you can find your phone location via IMEI number here..

    From Ben,
    Author of
    does spybubble work

  • Nagi

    Find my iphone tracks the apple id not the sim card, if it doesn't work its not because the sim was exchanged but because the iphone was not connected to the internet. As long as the iphone is connected to the internet it will be able to use location services, so the app will look for any iphone logged in your apple id with location services enabled.

  • Abbas

    Is there a service anywhere that can find my stolen iPhone 5 using the just the IMEI number and or serial number? My carrier, ATT is useless, they say since i didn't buy insurance, they can't help me locate my phone even though they have the means to do so.

  • ryan

    i just got my iphone stolen and wanted to know who sent you the email telling you that they had located your phone?
    Thanks have a nice day!

    • Abrar

      I have lost my iphone please help me how i find my iphone?

      Am very thanksfull if you help me.

      I hope u understand.
      T.c bye.

    • Abrar

      rare you tell me or not?

  • Anonymous

    because it uses your apple id for the serial no. of the phone

  • Katie Conway

    The SIM card isn't the soul source for GPS. If the phone was near WiFi or was connected to the IMEI or ICCID connectivity then it could still be tracked.

  • April Eum

    this is insane lmao, probably because if you had your icloud still intact on the phone (no one signed off of it or the phone has been restored) therefore you were able to still track your phone. it has nothing to do with sim card, sim card will allow calls, data, sms. other wise it acts like an ipod.

  • Alex Perkins

    GPS probably, just a guess. Or maybe locating any AP's it got connected to?

  • Phuong Doan

    if i'm not wrong it tracks the device by the apple ID and only if location service is enabled

  • Ahmed Khalil

    he is not clever enought to restor the factory setting of the telephone before connect to the internet, that is all as the devise still connected to your apple ID

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