Is it possible to format a write protected flash drive?
Question by Atuhurire Solomon /
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Is it possible to format a write protected flash drive? If so, how?

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Answers (29)
  • Horua

    There are some flash drive that are write protected but can't be removed why is it that it is so hard to remove such write protected flash drives. Is it damaged or whats the real cause of it. Any answers for such help

  • Horua

    How do you really remove a write protected from any flash drive?

  • Luis

    Thanks alan

    • joey

      list disk
      select disk 1/2/3 choose disk by looking at size 0 is your os
      list volume
      select volume 1/2/3/4/5 choose volume according to drive letter
      format quick

      use format only if you formatting the drive!

  • walta

    i have 16 GB hp flash disc and it is write protected, i couldn't formatted it. need help please

  • Rana

    my pen driver is show write protected. How to format my pen drive and working previous.

  • hanuman mali

    i also try format my pendrive but this is is realy imposible. can anybady help mi pls. give mi notes.

  • Dalsan

    I do know that Transcend has a tool in its support site to reformat flash drives that become write protected somehow. Check the support site of your flash drive brand to see if they have a tool you can use. An example of the tool is here:

  • Kevin Fegan

    There could be other write-protect methods but the only one I have seen is a little (OK, super-tiny) slide switch on the flash drive to select "Write-protected" / "Write-enabled". Locate the switch and move it to the alternate position. You might be able to use the tip of a pen, or you might need something smaller like a micro-screwdriver or other tool.

    If you are really talking about security measures (password/encryption) on some flash drives, then you need to reformat the flash drive as suggested by "ferdinan Sitohang" above.

  • Ben

    No, you cannot format a write protected flash drive. You have to disable write protection, usually accomplished by flicking a 'switch' on the device.

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