How can I format my Nokia C3-00’s memory?
Question by sid sagar /
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I have a Nokia C3-00 mobile phone and I’d like to format the memory. How can I do this?

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  • Anonymous

    Hi I'm also format my nokia c3 they back to dark theme but my nokia is ok i know how to download first to do is go to my music < option and you can see ( go to ) now write you want like

    now if you want to connect to wifi you need to go in option configuration make a data in personal data then go to wlan and ask first your wlan do again in go to my music < option

    my name is jan nichol i'm a filipino sorry if i have a wrong grammar

  • Dawood shah

    Salam plz help me i forget the security what i do to format the phone
    model C3

  • Mathias Moyo

    I can't close the internet on my Nokia C3-00, the symbol E of internet online is there all the time so some internet charges apply all the time. How can l close it l have even gone to connectivity, packet data and clicked that it should only connect when needed but to no avail pliz help.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      You need to check for background apps like Facebook and other apps which uses internet connectivity after some interval of time and set them to not to do so.

  • bharadwaj

    i owe a c3 mobile, recently i have updated it to the latest firmware 8.71 by using pc suit on my pc.. everything was fine until i inserted my memory card into it.. once i did that my phone is restarting frequently and iam unable to use my memory card.. when i inserted another card it worked for the first tym when i once removed that and inserted again the same problem occured. i have tried hard reset but it didnt worked..
    plzzz help me..
    thanks in advance...

    • Susendeep Dutta

      I think that the sole problem is the firmware of your phone.If your phone is under warranty then take it to Nokia care and tell them to reinstall previous version of firmware or else wait for another update.

  • zarna

    i m using nokia c3-00 and i download whatsapp for a month it was working properly but now i cannot recieve or send msgs and its coming tht u r not connected to chat server... y this problem is coming?

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Try checking the internet connection of your phone.Else,try redownloading and installing Whatsapp.

  • Ravinder

    pls say what i have 2 do if it takes more than 20 minutes

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Usually,it takes very less time to format.Try removing your memory card and formatting it again.

  • Ravinder

    how much time it takes to complete format

  • iamtheface


    I have recently installed NetworkAcc on my C3-00. It worked fine on 1st run.
    After that when I want to access the folder it is stored, the phone switches off. Now when I turn off phone, I get to the date screen, but unable to select any keys(All keys work fine). the phone screen goes dark. I have tried several on/off boots but still problem persist.

    Please help me dead boot device,flash firmware and/or upgrade/reinstall the firmware.


  • sonam

    i have brought nokia c3-00 and now it shows phone memory is full need to delect some file. but nothing is there in the phone memort other than system file and folder. now what should i do. shall i throw the mobile or is there any possibilities to check the memory of the phone. suggest me

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Delete text,MMS and other mails.If you've large contact list then it also occupies more phone memory.

    • khong

      why my phone memory (nokia c3-00) is full though there is nothing in the phone memory. every thing has saved in memory card n contract are save in sim. is it possible some file are hidden due to viruses?? how can i make my phone memory free.
      remember no mms text mgs and other thing in the phone memory help me plz.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Connect your phone to PC and scan the memory card of it for viruses.If still it doesn't solves your problem then make a backup of your data and format the memory card of your phone in the phone itself so as to avoid any compatibility issues.

      If anything doesn't works then try updating your firmware of your phone using Nokia suite -

  • Taemin

    I upgraded my ovi store and now it's not working. Will restoring the factory setting downgrade my ovi store to its original version? Help me plsss~

    • Susendeep Dutta

      You can try factory reset and I think that it must restore to previous version.Although I haven't tried it.

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