How can I format my Nokia C3-00 mobile phone?
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How can I format my Nokia C3-00 mobile phone?

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Answers (45)
  • Nora

    I want to connect on wifi, but when i open Available WLANs it shows Application busy. Wait and try again. What will I do?

  • Abu Wadeeh

    .my COMMUNITIES,OVI,OPERA and MAIL are missing in my applications?i think there gone...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • Bokhous

    my nokia c3-00 said that theme corrupted how to fix it any help ????

  • eLmO

    hi. im trying to reset my phone using press 
    * ,3 ,call sign then POWER ON. but it doesnr work.. any other suggestion? thanks

  • Botog4lyf

    i have nokia c3, it has blank messages on its message folders (inbox, archives,sent). i tried deleting it but it says "error occurred. deletion not complete". i tried soft and hard resets ( *#7370# and *#7780#) but still those messages are still there. i also tried using nokia suite, restoring the mobile through the suite but nothing happens. the blank messages are still there. can someone help me with this...? 

  • Am_cags01

    i reset my c3, its asking a security code, i dont know thte security code pls help me...

  • Josiane

    hey i want to format my nokia c3-00 what should be do?

  • Josiane

    how can i format my nokia c3?

  • Renbercasio

    Thanks for the help. :)

  • Umg3400

    in my message box there are empty message which are not even deleting...i think it is a can i remove it... i have also done"restore factory setting" option...plzz help me...!!!!

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