How can I format my laptop using USB?
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How can I format my Windows laptop using USB?

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  • Taabuke

    how to format use flash


    Get an old flash drive, then go to my computer. right click it and then click format. Check the box that says MS-DOS boot/recovery disk, or something like that. Let it reformat. Boot your computer on the Flash drive (if it doesn’t boot to it automatically when its plugged in, you might need to press f12 and select it from the boot menu. it comes up with a dos prompt. Type “format c:” and then press enter. be careful, it will erase EVERYTHING!

  • Taty

    Hi karthik. Yes, you can. What you do need to do is have a bootable USB drive so your computer can read it while it’s booting and have all of your files there. Then it’s a matter of going into your bios and making that the drive that boots first. The rest should work like a cd.
    The link below has some useful instructions:

  • Jack Cola

    I am guessing your laptop doesn’t have a CD/DVD Drive?

    Most manuafacturers nowadays provide a reset option to return the laptop to the factory settings – ie exactly the same when you got it.

    To access these settings, you have to press an F key, usually F8. Just take note of the options when you are booting up your laptop.

    Then follow the prompts.

    Just remember to BACKUP your data first because you will lose it.

  • Steve Campbell

    I found directions you can try at the following links. There are multiple directions/tips so hopefully one of them offers the solution to your problem.,10801986

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