How do I format my hard drive which Windows cannot recognize?

karenfaithzerr2 November 6, 2012
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I had a problem with my 500GB hard drive, it reports it has unallocated space of 2.00 TB partition that Only EASUS can recognize, but I cannot format it or even create a partition. When i checked the properties in Device Manager it says I have SCSI Disk Drives connected.

What could this mean? What should I do to remove this unaccessible hidden 2TB partition in my hard drive and make it normal again? Every time I insert it to my PC it gives me BSOD and it shuts down immediately, which is why I decided to format it. I dont know how and what to do just to remove the 2.00TB partition… is there a setting in BIOS that I could could configure so that I can use my HDD normally again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Specs as follows:

Windows XP3
Firmware: KC45
EMX-MCP61M2-iCafe Version: 1.11
Bios Version: 080015 American Megatrends Inc,
AMD-Athlon(tm) II x2 245 processor DDR2
Nvidia Gforce 9500 GT


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