Why is Format Factory failing to convert all the file?
Question by navin /

I am having trouble with Format Factory. Whenever I convert to mobile mp4 format, it is getting failed. I use it to add subtitles also, but I couldn’t.

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Answers (5)
  • yurixiong

    You can try Any Video Converter to see if it works for you. It can convert any videos to mp4 with fast speed and good quality.

  • Po Pique

    Gif “fail to convert”
    I wanted to create an animated gif with Format Factory and, even when changing video format and size, it shows me “Fail to convert”. Someone does not know what that means (Where is the problem ?).
    Thank you.(Sorry for my bad english)

  • Anonymous


    Try a) converting another mp4 file; b) change conversion settings to default; c) check the destination folder, maybe changing it will help you;if these won’t work – reinstalling is the best solution. Good luck!


    Hello, does the conversion fails when you open the file the first time?  or, Does conversion start ok and then fails?  Have you been able to convert files with same settings before?  You could try using a different converter to check if same thing happens.  Also, you might want to preview whole file to see if it plays ok.  Some times if video or audio is corrupted at some point in original file, your conversion might fail.  It can also happen is there is misconfiguration in the recode. 

  • Anonymous

    uninstall and reinstall format factory, see if this will help, also can you play the file in WMP or other video player prior conversion?

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