How can I format my 8 GB Transcend flash disk that is write protected?
Question by Sanjeewa Darshana /
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I have a 8 GB Transcend flash disk. The problem is, it’s write protected and I can not reformat.

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Answers (26)
  • Dragon

    1) Go to download center of the transcend,here is the link
    Type the model no. or part of model number you are looking for.
    example: JFV30(all alphabets in Caps )
    2) Choose other details like product type etc. and search for your product
    3)Then select the product which which is most similar to yours from search results
    4)Then download the mFormat utility. You will asked for serial no. if you dont have..enter this no. 1456784523
    5) Connect your pen drive
    6) run the mformat utility and select full format after full format your write protection will be removed. try twice or thrice if you can’t correct at first time.

  • sanjay

    I have a 8 GB Transcend flash disk. The problem is, it’s write protected and I can not reformat

  • Wanderer

    Thanks Alex! Jetflash Online Recovery works on JFV85 8gb :)))

  • fred kisangi

    transcend has not physical wite-protect lock but can saves docs

  • vinod chavda

    my pen drive is write protected and it can not be copy any thing....cna not formate

  • amin

    how can i format a write protected flash disk?

    • Dawn B.

      Do exactly what Shakirah Faleh Lai says & then when you go back to your normal computer settings go to computer<right click on the flash drive<Format<Restore device defaults<Start<OK. This will erase it and take your flash drive back to how it was originally when you purchased it.

  • Sandeep

    thank u alan wade. it worked.

  • jrasulev

    Try this, in Windows XP - goto Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. This will open up a DOS window. Now type the name of your flashdrive followed by a colon, eg, mine was drive letter K so I type K:

    Now to list the directory, type DIR
    This will show your directory. At this point I left the DOS window open and went back into Windows and clicked on the drive in Explorer. The write protect error still came up, but after clicking a couple of times I could see and open the files on the drive.

    Anyway, once you're in DOS you should be able to copy any files you want to another drive using the DOS 'copy' or 'xcopy' commands, and format the drive from DOS also. eg, To copy all files and directories (except empty directories) from drive C to drive A, enter

    xcopy c: a: /s

    You can do a search on google to find other DOS commands

  • rinzin

    my drive is in write protected one. im not being able to do with that drive. help me please

  • ganesan

    throw the pen drive to the dust bin...........

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