Why do I always have to ‘force shutdown’ Windows 7 due to a program still running?
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I’m using Windows 7 Starter. Whenever I’m shutting down my netbook, the screen always dims and says that 1 program is still running (probably it’s Task Host Window). But I couldn’t see any task host and I didn’t even have any program running. I’ve tried the Microsoft hotfix, but it’s still there. Please help me.

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Answers (7)
  • phil

    why do i always have a forced shutdown?

    • ha14

      perhaps because background process are not closed fast and are busy. By default, if any of the programs are running in the background, and you will choose to shutdown the system, the system will automatically prompt you for saving all the files. Once it saves, or you choose cancel, system will try to perform a force shutdown.

      suggest to clean windows with CCleaner, iobit advanced system care, glary utilities and also to clean RAM.

      See if this will help to solve the problem.

    • Bruce Epper

      Some Java programs can take forever (in computer scale) to shutdown and it will cause windows to wait additional time and if it still hasn't closed, it will want to do a forced shutdown (kill the stubborn/slow proces) instead of waiting further for it to close by itself. If you have many programs running in the background or in the notification area, you may want to either shut them down yourself or adjust your startup policies so they aren't even running in the first place. If you are running any kind of server software (your own web server, game server, etc.), these tend to take more time shutting down than most other programs and drivers and the later versions of Windows are more impatient about them closing quickly.

      If you check the sytem log, it may give you an indication of what program or driver is slow in shutting down.

  • Danieljay86

    I just tried the changing values and nothing happend as it took the same amount of time to close and I still faced the annoying box telling me to force quit applications that I cant even see :(

  • Cesario357

    This is why I'm slowly moving into my MAC. I'm slowly transferring everything and leaving this whole PC bull...

  • Anonymous

    Some programms runs with windows and they are active in systray such as your security soft, reg cleaners... If you go to your task manager then you will see which programs are there active before shutting down windows 7.

    By default Windows 7 waits for 12 seconds to kill all the running processes while shutting down Windows.By lowering this time period to 5 seconds or less we can make Windows 7 to shutdown faster.

    1.Click start and type “regedit” and make sure you run registry editor as administrator.

    2.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl and double click WaitToKillServiceTimeout entry on the right side and enter its value as 5000 (5 seconds ) or to lower to that.

    3.Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop , on the right pane create new string value named WaitToKillAppTimeout and give its value as 5000.If that string already exists then double click it and enter its value as 5000 or lower to that.

    Don’t enter too lower values you at least need to give some chance for programs to close.

    Restart your Computer for changes to take affect and you will observe definite speed in Windows 7 shutdown next time.

    You can also use command line switch shutdown /f /s /t 0 by creating shortcut for it and use to shutdown Windows 7 faster.

    if you wish first logof then shutdown.

  • Gbswales

    probably some TSR programme - this happens on mine but I find if I wait a moment or two windows shuts it down itself as it is supposed to - on the other hand if you dont have any data open in any programmes that you might need to save you can just hit the close it now button

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