Why are all my folders shared with another user account on my computer?
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I have a problem! I happened to notice that ALL folders are per default shared with another standard user account on my computer! That other user account is used by my father and I really don’t like the idea that he can access all my files! I could stop sharing each folder individually but that takes too much time. How to fix it?


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Answers (4)

    Hello, what operating system are you using?  Are you using an administrator or standard account?  Depending on your operating system you can use group policy to turn off sharing for users.  The instructions below are for windows 7, but remember not all versions can do this.  You have to use an administrator account:

    -- click on start
    -- right click on computer and select manage
    -- on box that opens, click to highlight the shared folders
    -- click on arrow to expand shared folders
    -- click on shares option
    -- on right hand side box, you will see a list of all the shares available
    -- highlight and right click on Users option or check the default shares
    -- select properties
    -- click on share permissions tab
    -- highlight the everyone option or if available, the other user account
    -- uncheck the permissions under the allow section
    -- click on security tab
    -- highlight the users option or if available, the other user account
    -- click on edit
    -- highlight the everyone option or if available, the other user account
    -- click on deny to deny all the permission mark or you can deselect the permissions allowed.
    -- click on advanced option at bottom of screen
    -- highlight the everyone option or other user account
    -- click on change permissions
    -- click on edit
    -- click on deny or uncheck the permissions allowed
    -- click on ok

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