Why were the folders on my memory card converted into EXE files and how do I get my data back?
Question by Ajay Arya /
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I insert my memory card into a computer in internet cafe. But when I plug it out then all of my card’s folders are converted into .exe form of 750 KB or something type. So please help me. How I get my data back? I can play my all memory card songs audio and video via music player. But can’t see my snaps. What should I do?

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Answers (27)
  • shiva

    In this case every folder is hided and a file "folder name.exe" is created. So, original folders are safe, but they are hidden. you just have to unhide them.In windows you can't unhide them easily.if you are using any smart phone or java based & Nokia, then, just download any file explorer software and there u can unhide them.

  • Arfa

    Go to folder options and select show hidden files. Back up the original data and format your memory card. Copy all your data to memory card and enjoy. Actually it is a virus which hides your original folders and create .exe applications with the name of your folders.

  • alok

    my memory card shows me shortcut folder but i have deleted it how i got my important folders pls help me

  • jay

    aftbr remove in pc my memory card in all folders convert in .exe type..
    plz solved thi Problem

  • jay

    my memory card and pendrive in file.exe proble..
    all folder atometicaly convert in .exe file
    plz help me

  • Varma

    Scan those files in avira anti virus means good antivirus..then it will asks u repair or delete u hav to repair all files click on the virus files replace it..finsh u wil get ur data thn copy files to ur cmputr and format mem card and paste into ur mem card again..over

  • Raman

    Same problem here.i also insert my memory card into someone's computer having window 7,but when i put it into my mobile slot,all folders got converted into .exe.

    Temporary solution : Never use card reader to get data or information from someone's pc.Use data cable and always use Window media player to drag the songs into your memory card.You can also use Nokia suite and vice versa.

  • Ndende

    Guyz can you pliz help,,i was transferring files from my p.c to the memory card, after that i inserted the memory card in my nokia n97mini, when i viewed the folders, i found shortcuts and i cant even view anything but when i connect the memory card to the computer i can view everything, pliz help hw can i view the files on my phone...thanx in advance

    • ha14

      did you really transferred actual files? or you made a mistake and transferred shortcuts?

    • Susendeep Dutta

      You had transferred shortcuts to those files and hence you can see those files while connecting your phone to PC.So,delete those shortcut files from your phone and select those files,press ctrl+c and press ctrl+v in your phone's folder.This will make sure that you're not copying shortcuts and only actual files.

  • 5h@r!f

    Your files/data are still there my friend. Believe me it's really a easy task to get your data back as they were before. You can see at http://techstrick.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-solve-folders-showing-as.html for more detail instructions.
    1. Connect your memory card as Mass Storage
    2. Type in the command prompt: attrib -s -h -r -a /s /d drive_letter:*.*
    3. Scan your drive/memory card before deleting exe and shortcuts.
    *** "drive_letter:" may be j: , k: or d:

  • Jovison

    Correct me if i'm wrong.. your files were still in your memory card.. it's in a "_" folder and was hidden so you think that it was lost. The unit (pc) you used is infected but still your data's are unharmed, it happened that it was moved into another folder.. also be thankful that your memory card is not corrupted.. its annoying isn't it..?! don't forget to delete those folders that has been converted into .exe files or else your pc might be infected as well.

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