How can I fix my Windows computer that won’t boot due to a corrupt file?
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I’m having a problem with my computer. When I try to boot my Windows computer it says a particular file is corrupt or deleted, so it can’t boot. Does anyone know how to recover Windows or fix this situation?

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Answers (3)

    Hello, can you give more info about what the corrupted file is?  If possible, write down as much information about the error as possible and post it here.  Also it is very important for you to tell us what your operating system is.  Do you have an operating system installation disc?

  • Anonymous

    what is the real messagen any numbers?

    as suggested by Jay use system restore point to revert to stable state, you can do this by booting from windows cd, or try repair function, or reinstall, in reinstall case you need to reactivate windows.

  • Jay.0

    Use system restore, and restore to a point when the problem did not exist.

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