How to fix website display problems for XDA and other sites?

Vipul J July 26, 2014
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Recently I’ve been having trouble with my Internet connection.

To be specific, there are 2 main problems.

  1. A site I rely on a lot opens all weird, with wrong orientation, no theme, just weirdly placed hyperlinks with no images ( I’ve tried it in Chrome, Firefox & IE11. I’ve tried switching the modem on & off, using CCleaner to clear out all the past cookies, cache & browsing history. I also tried opening in incognito mode with all the plugins off. As a last resort I even formatted my laptop. But still it’s the same.
  2. On some sites, here and there the images have stopped loading and I get that non loaded broken image icon.

Any ideas on what I can do?

Also I’ve no knowledge whatsoever about networking, I don’t even know how to check my IP address (except visiting, so please be descriptive if your solution has something to do with something ‘networky’.


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