How can I fix my Viewsonic monitor?
Question by Pat Tristram /

I have a Viewsonic VG2021m monitor and the contrast/brightness keeps flashing and I can’t get rid of it.

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Answers (2)
  • Anonymous

    The front panel switches are known to become leaky.You need to replace these switches

    similar ptoblem as yours
    brightness and contrast keep flickering on screen


    Hello, what operating system are you using?  Do you have the most recent drivers for it?  In case you want to try and update your drivers, here is the link:

    The reason I ask for operating system, is because there are only drivers available for XP and VISTA.  If you are running windows 7, you could try using the drivers for Vista or use the drivers that 7 found for your monitor (generic).  Have you tried updating your drivers?

    You could also visit the site from the above link to see if you can get support with your problem, or at least find out if there are other threads with same problem as yours.  In case the problem is hardware based, I would advice against opening it yourself.  If you need to have some worked done on it, take it to a professional.  Like I said, the problem could be software or hardware based?  Has it been like that from the beginning? or is it a new problem?

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