How can I fix an upside down LifeFrame webcam image?
Question by susan /

I have a Asus k501j laptop. I haven’t been able to use the LifeFrame webcam because when I turn it on it’s upside down. What can I do to turn it? I have reinstalled it, that didn’t help. There is nothing I can do in the options to change it. Please help. Thanks.

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Answers (5)
  • Hardhit

    didn’t work for me it is upside down in manycam as well

    • Bob

      microsoft default driver for webcam causes this, download driver for webcam from asus website.

  • Joybell 1959

    I have the same problem.I have asus K52F.The lifeframe is upside down.How do you flip it?

    • Tina


      you may want to post a new question for a chance to get an answer. Please provide as many details as possible, e.g. hardware model, operating system and version, version of installed related software, steps that cause/d the issue (if known), when did it happen (always, suddenly, gradually) etc. Thank you!

  • Cutebabe2121

    This has happened to me, I too have an asus laptop lifeframe webcam. After I recovered my laptop it flipped. I hope someone can help us!!!

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