How can I fix my [SHIFT] key?
Question by Sami /

I have some serious problem with the “Shift” key. When I try to type a capital letter using any of the shift keys on my keyboard, it misses most of the time and I have to press it repeatedly to type a capital letter. But both of them always work for other operations such as typing “

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  • Anonymous

    Hope that you dont have a broken keyboard

    Possible shift key is stuck due to the amount of pressure, in order to reverse this effect you have to pry the top half of your laptop upwards, this may help/

    try to KeyBoard on Screen and press the left shift more than 5 second, then see…

    If you are on xp

    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Accessibility Options. The default panel that comes up will in fact be for the keyboard options. There you can turn off whatever happened to have been turned on. While you’re there for each of the three options, press Settings, and uncheck Use Shortcut. Now Windows will no longer misinterpret your random keystrokes.

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