How can I restore my LNK file associations using the registry fix in Windows?

27 Nov 2011
27 Nov 2011 | |

I downloaded a supposedly safe program, but after it didn’t work the way it was supposed to, I decided to delete it via Recycle Bin and then promptly closed my computer to go eat dinner.

When I opened my computer and logged onto my account, instead of their regular icons my programs and many folders had an icon that looks like a blank page with a folded corner. It is very hard to open programs, such as Skype and Grapgicsgale, but I can (with much trouble) open Google Chrome and a few other things, but they still have that blank page icon.

They are also almost all .lnk files, and I’ve seen this fix, but I don’t quite understand how it works or what it does… Can someone please explain to me in simple terms and clear words how to use it? I’m not that skilled in computers and technology, but I can follow how to do things. Please help me!

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