How can I fix KMPlayer if it’s not showing videos in full screen anymore?
Question by Osama /
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Last night my KMPlayer suddenly got hanged, so I restarted my PC, after which it is only showing videos in the top left corner of the screen even in full screen. I uninstalled it, cleaned the registry and re-installed it, but the problem isn’t solved. Tell me what to do.

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Answers (11)
  • Maverick4u2day

     fixed mine too! Thanks

  • Dags

    Right click. Screen controls > Keep video frame to > Select Window sized(default)

  • Joffyyy

    very very Thankssss.............................

  • Praveenraj B

    Hi Azoo, It solved my issue in KMplayer Thanks

  • Azoozibrahim

    Dear Osama
    please follow this instruction so as to preview "Advance Video Option" in your list

    Right Click on the Kmplayer screen --> Go to "option" --> Select "Adavnce Menu"

    then follow these steps:

    Start a movie then on the movie in kmplayer pres right mouse button, then go to
    "Video(Advenced) / Video renderer/ ..and choose video renderer try to choose vrm9 renderless

  • Osama

    i tried all renderers but had to re-install os

  • Aibek

    I forwarded this question to someone who has been using KMPLayer for a long time, let's see maybe he can suggest something.

  • Anonymous

    Use DXVA in KMPlayer

    You can change the render on the fly by right-clicking on the KM Player screen and selecting Video (Advanced) -> Video Renderer and trying differents ones until you find one that works. You can then make this the default render in Options.

    The VMR was first made available for the Windows XP platforms only. Beginning with DirectX 9.0, a separate version of the VMR, called the VMR-9, is available for redistribution on all platforms supported by DirectX. The two VMR filters are very similar in their implementation and the interfaces that they expose. The primary difference is that the original VMR (now called the VMR-7) uses DirectDraw 7 internally to control the video hardware, while the new version of VMR (called the VMR-9) uses Direct3D 9.

    Video Renderers that support in KMPlayer.

    1. Old Video Renderer
    2. Overlay Mixer
    3. VMR7 windowed/renderless
    4. VMR9 windowed/renderless
    5. DirectDraw RGB/Overlay ; for studying, maybe
    6. OpenGL RGB24(3D Texture)
    7. Direct 3D(DirectX 7) YUV/RGB Surface(Direct rendering through Direct 3D interface)
    8. Direct 3D(DirectX 9) YUV/RGB Surface(Direct rendering through Direct 3D interface)

    To turn Vsync on when using OpenGL renderer will remove tearing.

    you cn use this version of KMPLAYER

    Read HD Files with DXVA under XP/Vista 32 bits

  • Osama

    i need solution of this problem otherwise i have to re-install windows

  • Osama

    i can't find any 'video' or 'advanced' tab in the right-click menu of km player

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