How can I fix an invalid XML error when trying to open Outlook?
Question by Ben /
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I cannot get Microsoft Outlook to open, while all my other Office apps work fine!

Office 2007 on Windows Vista. Error message “Cannot start MS Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded.”

I just want my contact list, as I am using GMail now. Should have exported, but did not. Now to export, it seems I must be able to open. Any help much appreciated!

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Answers (27)
  • Eric662

    Thx Fidelis, it works!

  • Irfan

    Wicked! Thanx alot Fidelis……ur the Daddy!

  • Bruce

    Thank you.
    This worked like a charm.

  • Bssherwood

    thanks very much

  • Whiskyrat

    Many thanks for this fix @FIDELIS1:disqus.

  • frozen frozen

    had the same problem on invalid xml error when trying to open my href=””>outlook.and this worked for me as well..

  • Mahajantushar

    is there any way to do it without removing the data

  • Aibek

    Hey Ben,

    Were you able to fix the issue and get the Outlook running using the suggestions above?

    Let us know!


  • Pollock


    Try the following, as with Fidelis’ comment:

    — Start
    — Run
    — Type this command:
    Outlook.exe /firstrun
    — Click Ok.

    If for some reason the above don’t work, this will basically tell Outlook to treat you like you are running it for the first time, but it will keep all the information you have in it.

  • Anonymous

    If the above mentionned method do not work then
    You can also delete the Outlook.xml file from C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook. or you can keep a copy in case!

    outlook.xml will be recreated when you start outlook.

    locate the Outlook.xml file, rename it to Outlook.xml.old , and restarte Outlook

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