How can I fix a hacked AOL account and address book?
Question by Bob Gray /
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My friend’s email address has been hacked and sending out an ad to all his contacts. How can it be fixed.

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Answers (11)
  • Murphman0526

    I am able to receive e-mail on my AOL account, but I cannot send a reply. When I try to send a reply I am told there are errors, but there are no errors listed in the box for type errors. Anyone have an idea how to fix this problem

  • Ladybrit10

    I can't find a phone number to call AOL?  Do you have one?

  • Musicprincess00

    This just happened to my AOL account, and the hacker changed my password & security question. I had to call AOL tech support in order for them to change it again. The tech support woman said that its crucual that ppl call when this happens so they can report it asap. What a pain...some people have way too much time on their hands!

    • Jackie

      I`ve just had it done to my aol email address, and the big problem I have is that I used to be with AOL ie payed them my broadband, but when I moved they couldnt connect me, so had to go with a different ISP Talk Talk. I have been backwards and forwards on the phone between them all evening, and they both say it`s the other isp problem. What do I do now please??????

    • Jeff Fabish

      Jackie & MusicPrincess00,

      You will need to speak with an AOL representative. You can contact AOL technical support by phone at 1-800-827-6364 or by their live chat.

      Tell me how it goes!
      - Jeff

  • Westerngroup1

    my AOL spam filter suddenly stopped working last week and I can't seem to fix it? Any advice?


    Hello, besides the advice given by Tina, I would say the only thing you can do is change your account user name and password to a different one.  With regards to the hacked contacts, it is a little bit too late.

  • Tina


    first of all, your friend must change his AOL email password!

    If he uses a desktop client for emails, he also needs to scan that computer for malware. This is the software I recommend him to get and use:
    Microsoft Security Essentials:
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free:
    Free VG Anti-Virus:

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