How can I fix a file association that opens all my programs in Microsoft Office 2010?
Question by Donnie /
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This all started when I was in Outlook 2010 looking at my receipt from Microsoft for my Office 2010 that I had downloaded and installed. I came across the link for the download and clicked it. It said ‘could not open with this program choose one’ and I accidentally clicked Microsoft Office 2010. I know stupid as I already had it installed. I had a brainfart or something.

Once I hit that selection my Outlook page went to Office and a few of my desktop shortcuts changed to the Office icon and will only open in Office. It sucks, I can’t access Yahoo IM or Explorer or Chrome. Also when I shut down and restart, all my start ups start in office as well.

Don’t know what to do, any help would be appreciated!

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Answers (9)
  • abhishek

    all my desktop apps have been changed to word file dont kno how .. anybody plz help me..cannot execute a single file...they just open in word format...

  • LA-Mik

    Do you have to restart your computer after downoading (and "installing" it) before it works?

  • deVo

    praise jeebus! that did it! ur da best!

  • Donnie

    You were correct Tina it was the exe files every one of them on my system changed to this file extension. I did get it fixed what i did was get the original defaults registry files. I downloaded them from a website called Windows Seven forums they have all the default files you need for windows seven.The file applications i chose, the default exe one and followed the setup once i did that i rebooted and that was it. The file was Default_EXE a registry file. Thank you all for the support.


  • Anonymous

    You can use a system restore point to revert to the last good configuration.

    Go to run and type rstrui.exe then hit enter and follow the screen.

  • Tina


    it sounds like you associated a file type extension with Microsoft Office that is not supposed to open in Office.

    Can you please confirm which file type extension is affected?

    Since it happened when you clicked the download link, I would think that it affects all your .exe (executable) files. If this is the case, you need to fix the file type association manually in the registry. You will need Administrator rights to complete the fix. Which version of Windows are you running?

    Registry fix for Windows XP: Unable to Start a Program with an .exe File Extension
    Registry fix for Windows Vista / 7: Restore .EXE File Association in Windows 7/Vista After Incorrectly Associating It With Another Program
    Also check out the answers to this question: How can I undo an ‘open with’ selection for .exe files?

    This kind of mistake usually happens with .lnk (desktop shortcut) files. For the latter there is a fix, which involves running an .exe file. You will find it in the first reply to this question: How can I change or fix .lnk file associations on Windows 7?

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