How can I fix a file association that opens all my programs in Microsoft Office 2010?

14 Mar 2011
14 Mar 2011 | |

This all started when I was in Outlook 2010 looking at my receipt from Microsoft for my Office 2010 that I had downloaded and installed. I came across the link for the download and clicked it. It said ‘could not open with this program choose one’ and I accidentally clicked Microsoft Office 2010. I know stupid as I already had it installed. I had a brainfart or something.

Once I hit that selection my Outlook page went to Office and a few of my desktop shortcuts changed to the Office icon and will only open in Office. It sucks, I can’t access Yahoo IM or Explorer or Chrome. Also when I shut down and restart, all my start ups start in office as well.

Don’t know what to do, any help would be appreciated!

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