How can I fix Facebook login problems?
Question by Muskan Buneri /

I am having a login problem. Facebook is sending a confirmation code on a cell phone number to which I have no longer access. Tell me how could I change that number or get the confirmation code to fix my Facebook account?

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Answers (8)
  • Becky Skiles


  • susendeep dutta

    Visit the link below and follow the 2nd step –

  • Adjei Kofi

    If you still have access to your email. then use the “forgot password” section to send a password recovery link to your email. From there, you can change the password and regain access into your account.

  • Suman Acharya

    on facebook login page click ‘forgot your password’ then in the new page choose ‘email me a link to reset my password’.
    login to your email you use for fb and reset your password, change the cell number or remove it.

  • Erlis Dhima

    I think you should try to reset your password using your e-mail…
    If you don’t have access to that e-mail too, then you can’t have your profile back…

    If you reset the password, and have access to facebook, better changing your phone number in facebook settings, for future problems.. (This might have happened, if you have logged in your facebook from different computers in a short time..)

    Hope it helps!

  • April Eum

    best is to go to account settings>mobile tab and unlink all mobile phones whether old or new and re-add your mobile number/confirmation code if you plan to use your phone with fb.

  • Debasish Panda

    clear your cookie…

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