Why does Firefox redirect me to Tr.v9.com as a search engine?
Question by Leonora Lima /
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I want to use Firefox as my browser, but keep getting taken to tr.v9.com. How can I avoid this and use Google Chrome?

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Answers (13)
  • Luca Massaro

    Oron, you should not visit sites like this if you cannot understand such simple questions like this one about the v9 search engine problem :(

  • sujiretno wulandari

    dear, search engine

    Please remove V9 from my browser, and remove virus in this laptop, I will began my on line.

    I will sign up for free to service my website undesign, became desaign completely, at http://www.jiesister.com

    Help me pleased, thanks for your cooperation before.


  • colleen williams

    I want V9 off of my computer, I was never asked if I wanted it installed. The directions are half ass, they do not make sense, and I could never find any of the fricking files it indicates.


    • Aishw

      Go to tools and remove any foxit reader plugins that you may be having.
      Restart firefox and check again

  • guthagowtham

    Check your PC for malware. Go through the link below, download and install everyone of them with real-time protection disabled.


    Use OpenDNS. Go through the link and further guidance will be given there.


  • BR

    Check your shortcut of your browser shortcut in desktop.

  • Reý Aetar

    close firefox
    press shift key and click the firefox icon then a pop uu menu appears select the option to reset all firefox settings to default and then restart all will be fine ..

  • Bruce Epper

    Not a malware problem as suggested by others here. The site itself is clean and upon visiting it, it asks at the top of the page if you want to set it as your home page. If the user answers yes to this question, every time the browser is opened it will open this page (unless it opened by clicking on a link or entering an address in the search box). All you need to do is reset your home page to whatever you want it to be (under Options in whatever browser you are using).

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Firstly,check whether your homepage of Firefox is modified by some software or malware.If it's then change your homepage,if it occurs while opening Firefox.

    How to set the home page -


    If the above solution doesn't solves your problem then -

    Similar problem was faced by one user and he found solution in Mozilla support site -

    Note :-While navigating to about:config page in Firefox,you will need to click on “i’ll be carefull, I promise” button as this page will warn you about voiding your warranty.


    jdsmort : - " Finally found the problem, in About:config there is a setting relating to
    the browser homepage.... various settings...


    All these showed as user set, but as I knew I wanted about: home, but was not sure what the others did, I just reset the last two,( Rt click and select reset), restarted, and then found that I had the Google search back again. No idea why it changed in the first place, but nice to see it is not so hard to figure these settings in about:config if one uses a little common sense. "

    The above solution will set your page to Google search.

  • GamerJunkdotNet

    Definitely a malware problem. You should download Microsoft Security Essentials and get rid of the malware on your computer. Once this is done be sure to change your search engine to Google, Bing or Yahoo by going into your Firefox Options.

  • Kyem Ghosh

    its a malware problem for sure..chk out your extensions too.. Some setups of firefox are coming wid some malwares/viruses etc, I don't know bt I feel so. Two weeks ago, I posted a question asking about the application error 'userinit.exe' and it was not allowing my system to load fully and I couldnot access it. And it was all after I installed the latest firefox. Leave it:... But I'll recommend you to uninstall the firefox then scan your pc with a good updated internet security antivirus (I recommend avast IS) then fix your registry with ccleaner. Then download firefox setup. Positively scan it first before installing.... You'll get the mozilla homepage with google search....

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