How can I find words by their definition?
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I have a homework assignment in language. It is a crossword, but it only gives us the definition plus we don’t get a word bank. I don’t want to go through the whole dictionary. Does anyone know the answer or at least of a place that can help me? I really need help! Thank you so much! :)

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  • Rishi1592

    TINA you are always perfect answer for me
    your answer is always write

  • William Brand

    I know this is an old question but one trick you could use is Google’s ability to search by domain. For example, we know Merriam Webster’s site is so just type “” and then your search phrase.

    Here’s an example search where I’m looking for words related to intelligence, and I can go through pages to quickly see sharp, cerebral, intellectual, highbrow, etc. You get a lot of antonyms too, but it’s a good way to quickly get a list of words.

  • Kim

    Tina thank you so much. I really needed that. I appreciate it

  • Tina


    did you try to search the definition you were given on Google? Put it into “quotation marks” and it might lead you straight to the respective word. Worth a try!

    You should also check out OneLook Reverse Dictionary:

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