How can I find out the owner of an international telephone number?
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I have a telphone number from Spain. How do I find out who it belongs to? It’s supposed to be a bank’s number, but I have not been able to find out.

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  • Jennet

    I want to know a senegal number belongs to

  • Jay

    @b8bdceb0f8881f02cb859f189281b33e:disqus  I don’t think you can find the owner of a cell phone, there won’t be any directories for cell phone.
    perhaps, you can find the caller it if it is from a land-line.

    As I said , if it is the number of a popular institute, or fraud, google will show some result.

    You should not bother if someone called you, he/she will call you again, if it was not a wrong number dialed by mistake,
    and if you are still curious, simply call the number !

  • Dhruvkumar92

    i hv received  a missd call in mrng. when i enquired bout it on net, i found out that the call was from, LIPOT some state in HUNGARY, EUROPE. so hw can i find that whose no. is dis. as i have no idea that whose no. it can be bcoz i dnt hv ny friends or family member out of country.

  • Jay

    google the number..
    both with and without the country code …if it belongs to some famous institiute or something..or fraud…you will see websites on which the number is mentioned…
    or u will get search result with series of numbrs..such websites can tell oyu the service provider and the location of the number from which it is registered…
    nothing works then just simply call them :)

  • Anonymous

    the best will be the embassy and try to explain the case

  • Mulder

    Ooops! Forgot to include a link to the only reverse directory service for Spain that I can find:

    I haven’t tested it, so I can’t speak for it’s accuracy or how current it may be.

  • Mulder

    Practically speaking, you can’t get this information on the web. Other countries have very different privacy laws than the U.S. (which I presume you’re in), so reverse directory services are almost always not available.

    You can try looking for a web site for that bank in Spain, and if they have one, their phone number(s) should be listed on the site. Aside from that, you’d have to call the number and see who answers.

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