Does ‘Find my iPhone’ work if the battery dies on the lost phone?
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Does ‘Find my iPhone’ work if the battery dies on the lost phone?

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Answers (44)
  • pamela d

    just went psycho looking for my purse with known "dead"iPhone 4s inside and it di NOT MAKE A SOUND.. (on my previous iPhones 3 and 4 it DID WORK)
    Finally found the purse (not by the help of the beep sound!) with dead iPhone inside which i remotely locked and wiped due to not locating...wonder why no sound now?
    It is of zero value then....

  • alivia

    i lost my ipod a week ago and i need it. ik its dead and i didnt leave it in a public place. its rather in the car or my house is there anything you can do???

  • John

    If my 3G is off, location services are off and my wifi is not connected can my phone still be tracked? And if not will the location data still be there is they reset the whole phone?

    • Tim Brookes

      If location services are disabled for Find My Phone (it's in a separate menu, Settings > Location Services > Find My Phone) then your phone is not trackable. I believe you can actually turn off Location Services but still have Find My Phone enabled, hence the separate menu.

      If you have it enabled and you have no Internet connection whatsoever (no 3G signal, no Wi-Fi or the phone is off) then it can also not be located.

      It's a nice little feature to have, if a little limited in its application. Saying that, I'd rather have some option to track my phone than no option at all.

  • Joe prensliam

    hey guys can i still find my iphone if the thief turned it off

    • Mike

      Any means to find a phone by software requires the phone to be turned on.

      This is also the case for "Find my iPhone":
      In order to get its position it has to be turned on and either connected to a WiFi or the cellular network with Cellular Data (3G or Edge) being available.

      If the phone is turned off you won't get a position.
      If the phone was restored to default you won't get a position either.

  • Kaly

    I hv just lost my iphone this morning, i been trying the Find my Iphone but it just says that its offline.. Is there another way to try to find It? :(

    • Mike

      "Find my iPhone" is a software solution (tracking) system.
      It requires the iPhone to be turned on and connected to either WiFi or the cellular network with Cellular Data (3G or Edge) being available.

      If "Find my iPhone" says it's 'offline' I'm afraid you won't be able to get a position.

  • William Goetz

    TV and crime/spy novels suggest: 1) Under certain circumstances, a cell phone can be tracked, and its position triangulated, even if the phone is turned off. 2) The only way to prevent such tracking/positioning is to physically remove the battery from the phone. 3) Removal of the SIM card and/or CMOS are not noted as relevant. I assume this means that they must be left in the phone for it to be tracked/positioned. 4) It is not noted as relevant whether tracking/positioning is possible if a dead battery is left in the phone, rather than removed. I assume that if a dead battery is left in the phone, it cannot be triangulated, since that seems to be equivalent to #2. 5) Unless a sufficient trickle charge to allow triangulation always remains in the battery, despite the phone being inoperable and the battery indicator registering essentially a dead battery (if the icon is visible at all when the battery is dead).

    Any accuracy to the above 5 claims/assumptions?

    Feel free to assume the average consumer and police department does not have access to NSA or DARPA technologies/software, and that the average consumer and police department cannot get a warrant for such a triangulation, even if it is possible.

  • Jamal

    No it does not work on dead phones

  • Don

    If your battery is dead, Find My Phone is useless. It does not tell where you phone was even before it went dead. At least that is the case after several hours of being dead.

    I assume just shutting it off would also render Find My Phone useless as well as that would turn off location services. I don't think the carrier would even be able to find the SIM as the phone will not be polling when it is turned off.

    Does anybody know for sure?

  • william

    people can reset your ipod or iphone with itunes so you can track it

  • william

    even if you lost any apple device anyone can just reset it with itunes so you can not track it

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