How can I find the IP address or name of computers connected to a wireless network in Ubuntu?
Question by Nithya /

Is there a command to find the IP address or the name of the computers connected to a wireless network in Ubuntu?

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Answers (16)
  • Terminator

    (sudo) nmap -sP for ping 256 last ip in your network 

  • Jay

    dos command net view tells you the names of connected computers.
    you can use ms dos by installing dosbox.

    • Richard Carpenter

      Windows commands are not going to help on linux, No Net View command in ubuntu. There is a Net command is some linux distros through.

    • Jay

      You can use dos and dos commands on dos commands using dosbox or wine.
      type: net view and hit enter

    • Richard Carpenter

      But dosbox and wine are limit to there own enclosed environment, and can not really be used for network management. They are both just emulators.

  • Richard Carpenter

    I just had a thought… Are these computers yours or company computers? The reason I ask is because a lot of the software we have recommended would violate a companies security policy really fast and in a hurry.

  • Anonymous

    Check out the arp-scan command – you will probably have to install it:
      sudo apt-get install arp-scan

    • Richard Carpenter

      That is a really good piece of software, I use it when I am getting a preliminary look at a network. Can not beat it.

  • Richard Carpenter

    The best way is to go to each computer and use the ifconfig command. There is no easy command, meaning just one command or a even a piped command, that will list all IPs on a network. Wish it were, Make my job a lot easier. 

    Also, the MAC addresses of each NIC card will also benefit you. It is easy to take shutdown a computer and take its IP, but slightly harder to successfully spoof a MAC, and no way to behind a real firewall.

  • Nithya

    I have 3 laptops connected to each other in adhoc mode (No router is used). I can ping them successfully, meaning that they are all connected. Now am looking for a command to list the ip addresses of all computers in the network so that i’ll know if a new user comes in.

  • Richard Carpenter

    Well, this is a bit old if you they to use programs native in Ubuntu. Mainly because Unix and Windows don’t get along the best on a network. I would recommend running Wireshark, an IP scanner, as Jeff Fabish mentioned. That will show you everything on your network broadcasting information across it.

    There is another really good way to do this using AirSnare in Windows, or you can use Kismet in Linux. You would have to get the MACs for all of your computers first. Then, once you have those, put the into the program of your choosing and if a unrecognized computer connects to your network it warn you, if setup properly.

  • Jeff Fabish

    If you have setup file sharing, you can just go to Places ? Network. Otherwise, your system would have to be the host of a DMZ to read the networking activity directly. The easiest way of seeing what IP Address are connected to your network is to log into your router’s interface, it should have a management area to identify which computers are currently connected.

    However, if you can’t find it post your router information and I’ll help you. You can alternatively use an IP scanner to scan your entire subnet for live systems.

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