Where can I find a hacker to erase my criminal record?
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I need a hacker that can erase my criminal record. Proof of skill will be required before I proceed. Have the money right now.

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Answers (44)
  • ryan

    i'd like to point out that not all states have a proper sealing expungment process for criminal records. I live in alaska and here the courts don't even have the power to expunge records and even with a gubenatorial pardon a crime still shows up on your public record with the words "conviction set aside" whatever that means. also a juvinilles record is automatically online too, i looked myself up and have a "minor consuming alcohol" charge from when i was 16!

  • AlixS

    kross303 might be a hacker but he is a big time SCAM!! Will ask for your money and will give you the wrong password! Then when you tell him its the wrong password, he will give you a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why it is! 300 dollars and my friend didnt get fck all from him! BEWARE!!

  • Leon Kennedy

    if you need to get away just drop out. not to hard to do. Think of a biz name, Get on line at the SSN office and get  EIN (same amount of numbers as a SSN), leave town, Find any kind of clean up, janitorial style work, have checks made out to biz, open biz acct with first check (no SSN needed to open biz acct only ein) if they want your SSN since u own the biz, give then this paperwork and make sure you get it from a .gov site" 26 CFR 301.6109-1bank is not under any legal obligation to obtain SSN from customer, Bank can not pressurize customer legally to tell about his SNN according to 31 CFR 103.34(a)(1), It is classified as crime under 42 USC 408 if one is threatening or forcing someone to provide his SSN." Im not giving a link so I can't be accused of send you to a bogus site.  Buy car, house, and things under the biz name. the most in portent thing to do is KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. do not use ur name, ID, SSN, nothing. Works best if you go to a city, the bigger the better. Start off working cheap and do a good job. the better you do the longer you will keep the contract

  • Shadow Hawk

    yeah if only it were that easy

  • Anonymous

    How can I get my deceased brother's medical records as I feel his estranged
    wife contributed to his death.  

    • Leon Kennedy

      Copy of your BC + copy of his BC + Copy of his DC + your ID = copy of medical rec.
      BC= Birth dirt 
      DC= death cirt.
      Why BC work so well, is shows the link of mom and dad with kids.

    • LesBaer1911

      Thank you for your reply but I am mentioned in the Will
      but I am not the executor as the ex-wife is and is recognized
      as such even though they were divorced.  There was a newer
      Will but unable to locate as I feel the ex disposed of it.
      Therefore, I am in a quandary as to what else to do.  I hired
      an attorney who stated he could retrieve the medical records
      but in the end he did not.

    • Tom williams

      ?I needed a raise at my work place but I couldn't get any until I attained a higher position. The holidays were fast approaching and I have too many responsibility to take care of especially with my son going to college. I needed the money badly but all thanks to GOD for bringing this girl into my life who helped with hacking my company's website. I conquered my challenges .I recommend her to you or anyone out there who might be in need of her > panthera300ATYAHOODOTCOM
      Just a great father striving to give my life a meaning

  • Jeff Fabish

    This is not a hackers-for-hire website.

  • Justin

    I got jumped by 12 people, some of which were off duty cops. Later on that night i was pulled over beaten and given a felony assualt which living in a small lawless town where everyone is related but me and the towns whole economy is law enforcement theres not much you can do for the time afterwards they gave me other people charges by them simply saying i made them do it even though some of these people are 3 times my size. Anytime i get pulled over i dont get a ticket i get alot of tickets and made up charges. My record looks so bad that i get really high bonds and no luck on having anything, living anywhere or even having a career. They took everything i had. If you see a clean cut small white guy living on the street working slave labor then you probally seen me, I cant even have a relationship cause ill never have anything to offer. These great people with their clean records and great social status druged up, raped, molested and caused most the young girls on my street to overdose. And Im the bad guy with my record.

    • Jeff Fabish

      Maybe you should explore other career options. One of my good friends has a really extensive rap sheet from when he was younger (18 - 25) and because of it, he was unable to get a job. So he created his own company. 

    • Ashly

      This is great advice. I have have a few misdemeanors and was convicted for prostitution when I was just turning 20. It makes it hard for me to get a job when employers background check me. It's embarrassing they would even have that online. I don't do it anymore but I still don't find it a big deal. People sell themselves everyday for SOMETHING. Even if it's not sexual. Sometimes it's hard to make a living and people shouldn't be punished if they're not physically causing harm to someone. I wish I could get my crimes off my record. I'm 25 now and it's really unnecessary.

  • ike

    well, "you can internet arrest him"???

  • Anonymous

    By asking this question.. you have already proceeded halfway towards the prison..!
    If you were ever involved in any criminal activities and have served your time.. instead of going through unlawful deeds again, you should overcome it and like Tina said, "start over fresh.." coz you know.. where you are heading ultimately..!
    Whatever you have gone through.. I feel sympathy 4 you..

    As you have already covered half the distance.. you still have a chance to step back, start your life afresh and get yourself a legal way out.

    Would not like to mention but.. you have still not learnt the lesson.!
    So, Close your eyes n concentrate a bit.. are you able to recall that Police siren now..?

  • jhpot

    Where can I find illegal drugs to consume and get high? 

    I need illegal drugs to get high. Proof of quality will be required before I proceed. Have the money right now.

    Does that seem like a stupid question to be asking in a public forum? Perhaps you should rethink your question, then...

    • Martinaaguilar43

      you don't have to answer the question, i guess it must of bothered you that much.

    • Curious

      Wow...sounds like a set up...same question askd last month on this page...

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