How can I find out why my Windows computer slows down?
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My computer continues to slow down.

I have deleted temp Internet files, defragged, ran spyware and virus tool, have high speed internet access, yet it keeps getting slower and slower. I can’t figure it out.

Any suggestions?

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Answers (25)
  • sean

    if your computer is atleast 3 yrs old and you have been running it everyday for a long time now. after you have check, cleaned, and optimized your computer. and its still running slow. then open your computer up and vacumn the inside of your computer, especially around the cpu, and all fan areas. after years of collecting dust you will definitely see why its choking and coughing.

  • Rishi1592

    install any 1
    and optimize your computer

  • John

    In one way my suggestion is too late but once you have got your computer fixed perhaps by reinstalling the operating system - make an image of the operating system drive. There are free programmes but my favourite is True Image (my only connection is as a customer). Then your problems are over in the future. Whenever you want to have a new clean system you can simply restore your shining new system in a few minutes from a CD if you like. If you make any major changes that you're happy with just create a new image. If you buy a new computer as soon as you've got it make an image of the operating system hard drive.

    One other tip - modern computers have huge hard drives. If you can make sure your hard drive is partitioned and the operating system is running in it's own partition - It might be a good test of dealer to see if they'll do it for you.

    Before you do anything drastic, back up your data

  • Sudeep K. Bansi

    Really good info. My personal arsenal has CCleaner, Malware Bytes, Microsoft Secutiry Essentials and Avira Antivirus as the main weapons.


    Delete any programs you don't use, maybe add some more ram. Also, if you are savvy, you could backup all your files and wipe your hard drive and reload windows and all your files. Be careful with this though if you aren't familiar with what I'm saying

  • Oron Joffe

    Judging from the question and the reactions above, it seems to me that there are two distinct tasks which are getting confused:
    1. Speeding up a slow computer and
    2. Finding out why it is slow.
    It's obviously better to do (2) before (1)! For that, you have to use process Explorer, mentioned above, or a similar program (Windows' own Task Manager is often enough) and look at the 'CPU' and 'RAM' columns, to see which programs are 'hogging' the computer's resources. If the CPU is not busy and memory use is not very high, then the slowness is probably disc-related.

    If you find that there are programs running which are not needed, then disabling them with a tool like Autoruns is a good test (you can always reenable later). Removing programs, and cleaning the computer of temp files and registry entries is going to help (I like to use CCleaner) and *then* defragging (try MyDefrag, it defrags *and* optimises the disc) will probably help, but you should make sure you've diagnosed the problem first, even if only provisionally, or you could end up spending the whole day optimising the wrong bits!

  • Tom Leeono

    Assuming you have enough memory the 2 key areas to look at are your registry database and drive fragmentation. This whitepaper explains this clearly:

  • N Navin Raj

    simple do all the stuff above and open task manager see which program takes most memory get rid of it if you can

  • Shanawaj Alam

    Install Advance System Care, it Will free up ur temporary files and defragment the registry and hard disk, it is a collection of utilities... so please try it.
    for games player there is a option called Game Booster when u on Game Booster ur PC willl run smoothly....

    download it from:


  • Anonymous

    The best way to deal with a slowing PC is to fix it with some powerful registry cleaner and pc optimizer software such as Reginout...

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