Why have all my files become Windows Media Player shortcuts?
Question by paolo dizon /
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When I open a file, it opens Windows Media Player. I don’t know what happened. My mother just clicked something on home group. Please help!

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Answers (9)

    Hello, there is an easier way of doing this instead of fixing entries one by one.  I am assuming that you are using windows 7 because of homegroup. Check to see if Default programs option shows when you click start button.  If it does, click on it.  If it doesn't try the following:  

    -- right click on start button
    -- select properties
    -- in start menu tab, click on customize
    -- find the default programs entry and make sure to mark box next to it
    -- click on ok, then apply and then ok

    -- click on start
    -- click on default programs
    -- click on set your default programs and wait for it to load
    -- click on windows media player
    -- click on choose defaults for this program at bottom of screen
    -- select the options you want this program to open by checking the box next to it.  If you see any entries that are not media files, such as word, pdf, etc., that are not multimedia files, uncheck them.
    -- Once you have selected the defaults for it, click on save
    -- try the new settings

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Anonymous

    you have file association problems.
    you can try the following from winhelponline

  • Chris Hoffman

    Your mother probably set Windows Media Player as the default program for some file extensions.

    Right-click one of the files, point to "Open With" in the right-click menu and select "Choose Default Program." You can make another program, instead of Windows Media Player, the default here. You'll have to repeat this for each file extension you want to change back.

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