What are the best file compression tricks?
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What are the best tricks for compressing large files into small archives? For example, how can I compress a 1GB file into a 200-400MB archive? I know things like this are possible, but how? I use Winzip and WinRAR.

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Answers (5)
  • Aibek

    here is the correct link, http://www.7-zip.org/
    the one you provided is not an official one.

  • Mike

    The maximum compression possible depends on the data you try to compress.

    For example compressing a JPEG image won’t change much because JPEG is a compressed format by itself.

    Compressing a plain text file on the other can change quite a lot. If it contains a lot of spaces and line spacing within the actual text the file can easily be compressed to only 40-50% of it’s original size.

  • Anonymous

    Be sure you have a good processor otherwise can take more time.

    when comlpressing with winrar: Compression
    Method : compression methods are supported: “Store”, “Fastest”, “Fast”, ”
    Normal”, “Good”
    and “Best”. The Best method provides highest compression and  is used to
    reduce the size as much as possible. Normal compression is usually the best
    choice for daily backups.

  • Jay

    you can convert data to a compressed format, like wav to mp3, HD movies can be shrunk in mkv format, it will be more than a Gb to 400-700 mb.
    winrar and 7 zip are recommended.

  • Jeff Fabish

    I’m not aware of any “tricks”, you’re pretty much limited to the compression software’s capabilities. The most ubiquitous (and effective) algorithm is Lempel-Ziv, which implements lossless compression.

    Studies show, you’ll probably get the best compression with 7 Zip (and it’s corresponding format “7z”) which is slow but effective. The next runner up was WinRar (rar format).

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