How do I make Fences and Dextop work together?

Tyler August 8, 2012
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I downloaded the desktop application Fences a while back to organize my Windows 7 desktop, and I loved it, but it wasn’t as organized as I wanted. I found out about Dextop, and I downloaded it, thinking I could use it with Fences to achieve the level of organization I was looking for. However, the plan fell apart fairly quickly.

When I deleted a Fence on one virtual desktop, it was deleted on all the others, and when I create a new one it is placed on the others as well. I disabled Fences, but I can’t stand how messy my desktop is without it. Also, any icons I delete or create on one desktop are deleted or created on the others as well. My desktop is more disorganized than ever.

Does any one know how to get Fences and Dextop to work together? And while we are on the subject, does anyone know how to get icons to stay on only one virtual desktop? I tried all the instructions on the website and the tech sites I visited, but not a single one worked.

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