Why doesn’t Facebook work on my computer?
Question by Cynthia Hostad /
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I can get access to my account but once IN my account I can’t seem to actually DO anything. The page that is there says edit or post, but when I try “save changes” or “send”, it just sits there.

This ONLY happens on my personal computer. When I used my brother’s, I had full use of the site. I have obviously done something on my own computer, but what?

I have a blocksite add-on in Mozilla Firefox, but Facebook is not on it. Yes, I have an antivirus, antispyware which works automatically and also full scans every night.

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Answers (23)
  • nina

    i recently updated my facebook app on my iphone, and when i synched it to my laptop, it hosed SOOOOO many features. i can't post photo albums, "see more" , tag photos, make friend requests. i can't use the forward/previous buttons when looking at albums, and so many other quirks? please someone tell me if there is a fix??? any way to revert back? PLEASE HELP! fb help has been totally useless. this has been 2 weeks with no answers!!!

  • Alex Perkins

    Clear cookies

  • VS Vishnu

    use another browser

  • C Hostad

    I can use facebook on Firefox at my friends house but not mine. (I did nothing except turn on the laptop and load facebook) So it seems it must be some block on my internet provider. Yet my brother who uses the same internet in the house though different computer (IBM) does not have the same problem.
    I have done the different things mentioned (It works on Internet Explorer - but I prefer Firefox)
    What I don't know how to do is check my provider blocking into my laptop.
    any help would be appreciated

    • dragonmouth

      Is your brother using Firefox with blocksite?
      Is your friend using Firefox with blocksite?
      Did you have this problem before installing blocksite?
      If the answer is "NO" then the problem is blocksite add-on. Disable it or uninstall it and try to find another add-on that does the same job.

  • Areeb Majeed

    I agree with Saurav Azad

  • Jahnezzy Eltime

    press f5

  • Vishal Mishra

    Try using another browser and clean temporary files.

  • Usman Mubashir

    Check if the problem remains if you use any other browser on your PC. if the problem is solved try re installing your original browser, if problem still exists, refresh filewall settings.

  • susendeep dutta

    Firstly,update Firefox,then disable all the extensions and plugins.Load Facebook and enable each extension one by one to see which on is blocking it.

  • Ahmed Khalil

    check to access the face book after stoping your anti viruse aor anti spam you use i think it will work and this mean you need to change some settings of these programs

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