How do I get Facebook Timeline back?
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I had to remove Facebook Timeline, now how do I get it back?

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Answers (101)
  • dotie mitchell

    my timeline is disabled i need to know how to get it back with add friend i have to the old one and the first one is not the right one

  • amberh

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab and I just noticed my timeline was gone and I want it back but when I log in through the internet my timeline is there...what done need to do to get my timeline back to show through my facebook app

  • kelsey

    I'm using safari, on my mac. I downloaded the timeline remover app and cant find the add on in my tools or anything.. How do I get facebook timeline back?

  • alex vazelos

    plz give me my timeline back

  • mary jean cuna

    I'm a strokes survivor and I don't feel missing in facebook.Please help fix my fb in timeline so I won't do a lot of comments just click likes and send my private messages to my family and my close buddies.
    Thank you for helping fix timeline in facebook.

  • Sujoy

    i need my old facebook profile, want to remove timeline how i can ?

  • gina cuna

    Please help me use timeline so I can send all my friends in facebook. I get my chest very tight having me problems to send thank you to all my birthday greetings. Please help me.

  • Raja Zohaib

    i need my timeline back

  • seann wilkins

    can i get my timeline back i miss it ?

  • Nwosu Desmond

    Yes, cos Facebook Timeline is permanent and cannot be reverted. Every solution i’ve seen online is simply a browser trick that makes one’s profile look like the old profile. All the same i think i prefer the timeline…. So why’ll i wanna revert?

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