Why don’t my Facebook status updates appear in my friend’s news feed?
Question by Mary Ingmire /
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My Facebook status updates do not appear in my friends’ news feeds. What settings should I change?

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Answers (8)
  • pam

    Can you help, My friends have just told me that my posts go to them in email form how is that happening? I don't want my friends bothered with emails then should only be able to see my posts or comments when they are logged on to their own face book

    • Mark

      I assume they have added you to their close friends list, and therefore recieve notifications and emails whenever you post. To change this, have them type in "Close Friends" into the search bar and then click on the list that appears. Once there, in the top right is a drop down menu that says "On Facebook and email", have them select something else. They will no longer get emails when you post.

      Congrats on being a close friend.

  • lhoi

    hi there. i have this situation and it bothers me a lot yet i know it's just little, well i can't see any news feed in my fb account. hope someone knows the reason. thnx!

  • Guzelchikheart

    sorry, i also have problems with appearing of my updates in my friends' news. when sb comments a picture, it should appear there, but mine doesn't. don't u know, what's the cause?

  • Jay

    nice! much simpler than expected :) 
    it's strange that you change your settings and got confused, but it's stranger that you have not mentioned anything about gf, still I read that your gf cant see your updates! and dint even notice the name, Mary! really strange. well, that's me!
    sorry for the hallucination! :D

  • Maryji

    Thank you for the response. I checked the setting and found that it was on Custom so I was the only one who could see the posts.  Don't understand how the setting changed, but that's life with Facebook.  :)

  • Jay

    what is your current setting?
    If you want to share your with all your friends, without selective hiding.
    just simply set it friends only.
    make sure your "restricted list is empty or at least those whom you want to share with, are not there on the restricted list.
    these are the ideal settings, and it will 100% allow friends or gf to see your updates.

    option 2 : tell your GF to ad you to close friends list.
    whenever you update your status, she will get a notification, she can receive it on email and mobile also.

    why option 2 : it is better and option 1 may not work,because  Even checking your settings, it is common to not seeing updates from friends in your feeds,even you are allowed to see it.

    It happened to me also, many friends could not see my updates even they are allowed to see.
    my guess is: the more you interact on fb, the more you will see each other on feeds.

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