How can I make Facebook RSS feeds work properly in Google Reader?

Antonio VS November 17, 2011
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I wanted to stay organized and move all my favorite artists’ Facebooks’ news (the ones that appear on the main page) into Google Reader. I took the link of each of the official pages of those artists, and added it as normally on Google Reader…

But now, I have several questions you might help me with:

1. How long does it delay for a post to appear on RSS after being published? In my Facebook main page i have several news from my artists, but in Google Reader there are only a few

2. After adding some of Facebook’s feeds into Google Reader, I realized something odd: most of the news (which were actually published hours, days, or even months ago) appeared as if they had been published right in that moment… thus, if i added one of these feeds right now, they would show all the news of the feed as being published right at “10:21″… I guess this is not normal for a feed, and i wonder if this can cause trouble in the future (like no receiving new posts, etc…) I tried unsubscribing and subscribing again, but the same thing happened… is there a solution?

3. Is there a better way of receiving Facebook news at GR?? I’ve searched my favorite artists’ official pages, and, hell, they only have email, Facebook, or twitter feed… no RSS… i’ve read something about free web services that can turn email or twitter news into RSS Feeds, but before trying them out, i wanted to have the opinion of you guys… what do you recommend for receiving Facebook news in GR?

Well, hope you can help me out.
Thanks a lot!!

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